Drug and Alcohol Testing

Compared to the costs and risks that hiring a drug user can introduce to your workplace, the cost of a drug test is rather minimal.  HomeHealth24x7® providies state of the art testing, utilizing the most current and highest quality instrumentation for Screening and Confirmation for its clients. Being HIPAA compliant, we are committed to patient confidentiality and are dedicated to being 100% focused on patient care.

Pre-Employment Drug and Alcohol Testing

Employers design drug-free workplace programs to protect their organizations from the impact of drug abuse. Pre-employment drug testing helps prevent the hiring of individuals who abuse drugs and is most often performed as a part of the job application process.

Because every business and workforce is unique, every employer should make a careful determination about the drug testing program elements that are most beneficial for their workplace.

OSHA Drug Testing

A healthy, dedicated workforce is essential to keeping your business profitable. Identifying possible employee exposure to contaminants in the work environment can help reduce employee attrition, increase job satisfaction, improve overall morale, as well as protect your company by reducing your exposure to risk.

You can reach out to your local HomeHealth24x7® coordinator with any questions you have about drug and alcohol testing for your valued employees.   We will compare your needs to the qualifications, experience, and personality of our carers, to find the ideal person to assist.