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Skin care

As we age, our skin changes and may become more and more vulnerable to stress and damage and can need a bit of extra care to stay healthy.

Our in-home support team will assess the condition of your skin and assist you to maintain your skin’s best health or prevent injury. Our service can include providing bandages, dressings, and skin emollients. 

Healthy skin protects all our other body organs and their functions and is vital to our physical and psychological health. Any breakdown in skin integrity makes the body susceptible to infection, which can result in pain, reduced mobility and increased risk of health complications. As older skin is thinner and sometimes very frail, it can sustain injury easily and take longer to heal.

Get Help

For more details about this service, call us on 888-897-7550 to discuss your needs. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.