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Short term restorative care

Short term restorative care provides personalized support if you are experiencing a decline in your ability to carry out everyday tasks that you would normally perform independently or if you need some extra help to get up and go again after a recent hospital admission.

Short term restorative care consists of flexible short term programs, that enable you to regain your independence by reversing or slowing decline and improving your wellbeing. Our aim is to delay or avoid the need to enter long term care and help you live a healthy, safe and active life at home and in your community.

Our programs include: 

Hospital Discharge Support – If you have recently spent time in hospital our team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, registered nurses and care aides can help to get your confidence and strength back.

Short Term Restorative Care Program – If you want to reverse or slow decline in your abilities to carry out everyday tasks.

Get help

For more details about these services, call us on 888-897-7550 to discuss your needs. We’re available all day every day.