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Shopping support

We can help you plan your meals and help you with your shopping to make eating well that little bit easier.

Meal planning and food shopping are acquired tastes. Whether you enjoy them or not, we’ll find a way to make them easier, with shopping support tailored to your individual needs, preferences and budget.

We’ll help you to plan, shop for and prepare healthy and delicious ingredients that suit your tastes to help you eat a balanced diet and enjoy your mealtimes. We’ll even suggest some of our own favourite recipes which we think you might enjoy.

If you’d prefer to spend your free time doing things you find more enjoyable, we can even help you to do food shopping online.

Get help with your food shopping

For more details about the help we can provide, call us on 888-897-7550 to discuss your needs. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.