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Senior Care Affiliate Opportunities

Home Care Affiliate - Questions to Consider

Is a Home Care affiliate right for me?

Let's look into that question. The home health care market continues to grow. Our population continues to age. In 1994, approximately one in eight Americans was age 65 and older. By 2030, one in five Americans will be a senior citizen. From 1960 to 1994, the "oldest" population (persons aged 85 and over) increased by 274% compared with 100% for those 65 and over. Americans spend roughly $33 billion annually for home care services. Home Health care is considered by many to be a cost-effective alternative to extended hospitalizations, lengthy rehabilitation, or nursing homes.

What is the financial investment that is needed to become a HomeHealth24x7 affiliate?

Your investment to become a  HomeHealth24x7 affiliate providing senior care services may cost less than you think. There are numerous options for becoming an affiliate, depending on your background and expertise, and operating costs are quite low.

What sort of support is provided to new affilates?

You will receive comprehensive training both before you start operating in your area and ongoing training and unlimited support via our helpdesk and weekly online training webinars. You also have access to all the software needed to run the business and service our clients.

I don't have a professional background in care. Is a HomeHealth24x7 affiliate position still suitable for me?

Our affiliates come from a range of backgrounds. If you have a strong desire to provide great customer service and the ability to select and manage professional personnel, you have a strong foundation. You will need strong people skills and feel confident enough to be able to market the business.

Can I expect to make a good income as a HomeHealth24x7 affiliate?

Naturally, as in any business venture, there is no guarantee of your success or earnings capability. However, if you apply the time and energy to your business your earnings are unlimited. Many affiliates earn six figure incomes once they build the business.

What is the difference between being an affiliate and owning a franchise?

HomeHealth24x7 does not offer franchises.  An affiliate is a person or organisation who partners with HomeHealth24x7 to provide home care services in a certain territory.  The partnership means active investment and participation by HomeHealth24x7 and the affiliate.

Can I meet with other affiliates?

HomeHealth24x7 organizes an annual conference where you can meet other affiliates in person. We encourage communication between affiliates - it is a good tool for sharing ideas and tips.

What makes HomeHealth24x7 different from other home care providers?

HomeHealth24x7 is different in a number of ways. Firstly, we provide all the software you need to run the business, including the very best Billing, Scheduling, and TeleHealth software. We provide access to trained medical staff, including doctors and registered nurses, who can work with your clients via our TeleMedicine system. Affiliates are welcome to work in a diverse number of areas including Senior Care, Workplace Care, Companionship Services, and many others.


Have A Question?

Contact us today by calling 307-278-9811. We will be happy to talk with you about the HomeHealth24x7 affiliate opportunity, and what it takes to run a successful business.

We can discuss the availability of the territory you are interested in, the process to becoming a successful affiliate, and provide answers to any questions you have.