HomeHealth24x7® carers can assist with:

Running Errands

Here are a few of the many common errands HomeHealth24x7® carers can assist with.

  • Picking up groceries from the supermarket

  • Going to the Post Office

  • Taking the car for service

  • Going shopping or handling returns

  • Picking up dry cleaning or prescriptions

  • Going to the hardware store for home maintenance items

If you have other tasks we can help with, please do not hesitate to let us know.


What was once the simple task of driving to an appointment can become a daunting task as we age. Once driving skills are lost it can be difficult to ask for help, leaving the possibility of missed appointments. HomeHealth24x7® carers can assist with transportation for these important events, or simple events like a ‘trip to the mall’.

Schedule Planning & Reminders

Missing medical appointments and difficulties with following doctor’s orders present real issues for a patients health. These problems may be signs that an aging parent is suffering from memory loss or needs reminders to take medication, or attend appointments. HomeHealth24x7® carers can assist by making sure that patients follow their doctor’s orders.


You can reach out to your local HomeHealth24x7® coordinator with any questions you have about the type errands we can undertake for your loved one.   We will compare your needs to the qualifications, experience, and personality of our carers, to find the ideal person to assist.