HomeHealth24x7 Telehealth Subscription – Single

$99.00 / month for 12 months

WellPastFifty Telehealth Subscription

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HomeHealth24x7 Telehealth Subscription

You receive 24/7 health monitoring by an accredited Registered Nurse who will contact you to set up your monitoring plan.  Once your plan is set up we will monitor you 24/7 and should any of your health signs show changes that indicate a change in your health, we will contact you, your family, your health care provider, or 911 depending on the situation.

When you have questions on your health, you are welcome to video call your personal nurse who will provide all the information you request.  And should you wish we will include your family or care provider in the call, so everyone has the same information.

To make collecting the data we need to monitor your health easy, we provide a simple-to-use wearable.  Just slip it on, and we will configure it to match your health conditions.

The watch includes a number of monitoring capabilities including:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Body Temperature – Assists in COVID-19 diagnosis and monitoring
  • Heart Rate /ECG
  • Blood Oxygenation – Assists in COVID-19 diagnosis and monitoring
  • Sleep Monitoring
  • GPS Tracking – Can be used for contact tracing of COVID-19 Patients / Geofencing for memory care residents***

These measurements can be used by health care professionals to diagnose COVID-19 as well as many other health conditions, and to monitor the patients condition in real time.

Of course, we have devices to monitor all your health conditions; and you are welcome to use those you already have.

Have questions?  Click the contact icon on the bottom right of the screen and let’s get them answered!


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