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Health conditions remote patient monitored by HomeHealth24x7® Remote Patient Monitoring of single or multiple long-term conditions, including:


HomeHealth24x7®  can be used effectively in the management of numerous long-term conditions, and has proven successful in helping patients with COPD. Many COPD patients lead lives shrouded in anxiety and worry. They feel anxious when they have difficulty breathing, and they worry about getting pneumonia and having to be hospitalized – again. Family members of COPD patients often feel burdened as well, especially when they are unable to help loved ones who are suffering. Knowing that there is no cure for COPD, and that things will not get better – only worse – makes it difficult for patients to keep up their spirits and live life to the fullest extent possible.  HomeHealth24x7® remote patient monitored patients and family members become active team players in maintaining the patient’s quality of life, by using scheduled monitoring of health vitals and scheduled answering of COPD-related questions that is available in the unique clinical workflow.


Patients with congestive heart failure (CHF) run a high risk of exacerbation and repeated hospitalization.

By using HomeHealth24x7® for long-term chronic disease self-management, patients’ lives can be dramatically improved.  Using HomeHealth24x7® in the health monitoring and management of CHF offers these benefits:

  •  Dramatically reduced number and length of hospital stays
  •  Stabilization of patients while improving their quality of life
  •  Reduced risk of complications
  •  Inhibits deterioration of patient’s overall condition


HomeHealth24x7® is changing the course of diabetes care by providing an effective solution that helps to improve patients’ lives.  With the HomeHealh24x7® remote patient monitored solution, the need for log books is eliminated. Remote monitoring of blood glucose levels helps health care providers improve patients’ glycemic control, prevents or delays complications, and reduces potential health risks by addressing warning signs early.


HomeHealth24x7® now offers valuable asthma management with the Asthma Control Test and Peak Flow measurement using a peak flow meter device. After completing measurements, the patient will receive an evaluation of their current condition and how well he manages and treats his asthma. The patient will be notified if he has trouble managing his asthma and must seek help.  Test and measurements will teach self-monitoring to an individual patient or a group of patients, which in turn can lead to fewer ER visits and hospitalizations.

The solution also supports videoconference – a valuable tool for asthma treatment.  Measurement of lung function and monitoring of blood oxygen and other vital signs are all part of HomeHealth24x7®’s home monitoring of asthma.


Fetal health monitoring is one common use of HomeHealth24x7® remote patient monitored telemonitoring

HomeHealth24x7® can collect remote patient monitored clinical health data from pregnant women at home or in other remote locations. The fetal monitoring health data is available in real time on the HomeHealth24x7® portal. Based on clinical review, necessary actions can be taken upon data that is beyond the individual patient’s allowable parameters.

Providing accurate fetal monitoring information, HomeHealth24x7® is also a fully-featured remote patient monitoring and diagnostics platform. The patient is walked through a series of instructions, assessments (such as blood pressure, glucose levels, and weight) and diagnostic questions specific to their management. It’s as if the patient is in the clinic with the doctor.

Other Conditions

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