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Dementia support

Few things are crueller than a disease that strips you of your memory, relationships and connections to the world around you. 

We understand that living with dementia or caring for someone who does can be challenging. Our staff are highly trained which means no matter how advanced your dementia you can count on us to provide you with high quality home care and support services. Whether it’s in your home or in our social centres we’ll create a safe and comfortable environment.

At our social outings we create safe and stimulating settings, specifically designed for those living with dementia or who have specific care needs. You can get involved with activities with the peace of mind that you have the support of our skilled and knowledgeable staff. Our dementia friendly initiatives can make a valuable contribution to your life. Join in on our dementia specific days where we will help you remain independent by drawing on your strengths and abilities. Relax and remember fond memories, explore our gardens, take part in singalongs, art classes and dancing.

Get dementia support

For more details about our dementia support services, call us on 888-984-2210 to discuss your needs. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.